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torsdag, februar 8th, 2018

Some Things Are Best Avoided when Cleaning Custom Stainless Steel Sink

Much of the beauty of stainless steel lies in its long-lasting wear and enduring good looks. Follow these few simple “how to” Custom Stainless Steel Sink cleaning tips, and your stainless steel products from Just Manufacturing will retain their original brand new look for many years to come.

Don’t let soap cleansers, sponges, towels or rags dry on the custom stainless steel sink’s surface. They can dull the surface beneath them as well as harbor bacteria or other unwanted items.

Rinse regularly to keep the chlorides found in most cleansers from affecting the natural luster of stainless.

No steel wool pads should ever be used on custom stainless steel sink that from The iron particles that are left behind can lead to rust and corrosion.

For hard-to- clean projects, try a ScotchBrite type scouring pad when the job at hand requires a little extra effort, again in the direction of the grain.

Avoid leaving steel and cast iron cookware in your custom stainless steel sink for extended periods of time. Iron plus moisture on top of stainless can lead to surface rust and staining.

Rubber dish mats, wet sponges and cleaning pads are a no-no for a lengthy stay in your custom stainless steel sink. Since they trap water, discoloration and staining can result.

Just as you don’t use your cutting board to clean the dishes, don’t use your custom stainless steel sink as a cutting board. Knives and other sharp kitchen instruments will naturally damage the surface of your sink.

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